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Protect the Content on your WordPress Site

Protect Your ContentHave you stumbled across a website (WordPress or otherwise) where you (shockingly) see the content that you sweated bullets over to write? I know I have, and I’ve had a few clients tell me that they’ve seen their content out there on other sites as well.

Most people are pretty honest and wouldn’t think of stealing your content, but unless you take measures to prevent someone from copying and then pasting your content onto their site, your site is free game for the dishonest of the world.

But there is a solution to prevent those who are brazen enough to copy and paste plagiarize your content.

There are two very simple little WordPress plugins called Blog Protector and WP-CopyProtect that:

  • disable right click on your site.
  • disable selection of text on your site

No more highlighting text, copying stealing and pasting from your site.

To install either of these plugins, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins –> Add New.  Then type Blog Protector or WP-Copyprotect into the search box. Install it and voila!  Just one more level of protection for your business.


PS If you install the WP-Copyprotect plugin, you can customize the message that people will see when they right click. That could be rather satisfying…

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting When choosing hosting for their WordPress websites, small biz owners often go with whoever is cheapest.

But, as in all things in life, you get what you pay for and they usually go on to regret the decision later.

Why? Because there are some very specific requirements that WordPress sites need in order to run efficiently and optimally.

The following is somewhat technical, but if you’re not a techno geek, that’s ok. You’ll get my point as you read this post.


It’s important to know that WordPress requires the most recent PHP version (your eyes are probably glazing over about now, but stay with me) to run optimally. And then there are the Linux servers and… But that’s too technical for this post — just know that not all hosting companies have the minimum requirements for WordPress.  The following quote will prove what I am saying…

It is recommended you use a robust platform comprised of the Linux
operating system, and either the Apache web-server or the NGINX web-server.
Almost any server that supports PHP and MySQL will work.  ~ .

You see what I mean. The above geek speak quote proves that sites have special requirements. And apparently they know what they are talking about..

But in all seriousness, you will be having a long term relationship with your hosting company — make sure it’s someone you are going to love. I do know from experience that it’s very important to get the hosting thing right in the beginning. It’s not easy to change hosting companies later.

What else should your hosting company provide to make both you and your visitors happy? Your hosting company must provide you with speed that allows your site to load quickly. There are a few hosting companies I’ve worked with recently who could not provide the speed that you come to expect with a WordPress site. I know my clients’ sites will load frustratingly slow forever — and maybe even get worse over time.

You might be surprised to learn that one of the ones I am referring to is actually one of the Big 3 hosting companies. I have come to believe that they are failing by success (my humble opinion of course).

When you have just seconds to capture someone’s attention on the internet, you don’t want those seconds to go to waste while your site loads… and loads… and loads. Your visitor/potential client/customer will click away and probably never return.

So price is definitely not the most important factor. Here are some other very important factors to consider:

  1. Is their control panel easy to use?
  2. Can you upload your files easily?
  3. Are they big enough for your needs?  (Look for data space, bandwidth and file size limitations.)
  4. Do they have the tools, features and functions you need?
  5. Are they well reviewed? Do they have a reputation for good customer service?
  6. Are they reliable?
  7. Are they secure?

I recommend Bluehost because they can fulfill the requirements that WordPress needs to run optimally, they’ve got all of the features above and some, and their customer support is second to none.  At just $6.95 $5.95 per month, what else could you need?

You can check out what Bluehost has to offer you by clicking this link:  BLUEHOST

Links Disclaimer: Links mentioned within this post are my affiliate links and I may be compensated for recommending this product. However, I will never recommend anything that I don’t personally believe in.

How to Make Your Posts and Pages Print-Friendly

Another simple and easy way to make your content even more user-friendly

Your WordPress site is a go-to place for your clients. You post great, instructional content and people come back time and again. They read your posts and follow along as best they can under the circumstances.

But it’s not easy to go back and forth between your site and theirs as they complete the steps. 

Now imagine them being able to print your content as a PDF and have your content at their fingertips in under 30 seconds!

How cool is that!

First a little history… There have always been plugins that allow the visitor to print your content. Add to any, Add This, and Share This type plugins come to mind. But they don’t allow for your document to be printed out as a super organized and branded PDF.

Print Friendly Button

Print Friendly (the name of the plugin) is a great little addition to your WordPress site if you want your content to be printable in a really nicely formatted style. (And with your domain name at the top and bottom of the printed document.)

It’s as simple as this:

Your visitor clicks on the Print Friendly button, a new window opens where they’ll see the following 3 options:

1.  Print (your blog post) as a PDF

2. Save to their computer as a PDF

3. Email it to someone as a PDF

They can also choose the font size (save paper), as well as choose to print with images intact or to remove the images in your post.

And that’s it — another simple and easy way to make your content even more user-friendly (and share-able).

To have this or any other plugins installed on your site, contact me today.

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Changing Your YouTube Video Thumbnail

I created a very popular video a couple of years ago on how to change your video thumbnail.

Recently I’ve been getting questions about how to change a YouTube video thumbnail in the new, updated YouTube.  I did a little research in the YouTube help files to see what’s changed,  but the process appears to be the same as always.

Here is my original video over at YouTube, or watch it below. If you know of any updated steps to changing your YouTube video thumbnail, please leave a comment and a link. I think everyone would appreciate it.


Here’s A Quick Way To Add Media To A Blog Post


Insights PluginMy oldie but goodie Youtube video with a very cool plugin suggestion.

I’ve been using this plugin for over 3 years and it has never failed to be useful. It’s one of the simplest plugins to use and once you get your feet wet with it, you’ll find a ton of uses for it.

What are some of the best uses for this plugin?

  • quickly add your YouTube videos to build traffic (instead of sending people to YouTube, send them to your site to view it)
  • interlink to articles, posts, or pages within your own site (huge SEO purpose!)
  • add news articles (back up your information with up to the minute information)
  • add Wikipedia articles (excellent as a reference)
  • search and add Google content (easily find relevant information on Google)
  • recommend a book (your own?)
  • add an image or two (“decorate” your posts to create interest)

Check it out here:

For help installing and setting up this plugin, contact me via the form below:

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Are You Serious About Building Your Business? A Large, Responsive List is Key! Here’s Why…

Building an Email ListYou’ve probably heard that “the money is in the list”and that you have to build a list in order to build your business.

If you are like most of my clients, you’re new to business (at least new to online business) and/or new to marketing your business. I hear over and over that the difficulty they face is in knowing where, why, or how to begin building a list. So let’s start with the why:

There are 7 important reasons for building a list for your business:

 1.  Automatic Follow-Up Processes:

(Ahhh automation… The dream come true for the stretched-to-the-limit business owner). Having a list allows you to set repeatable tasks on auto-pilot.  With a list and your autoresponder service,  you can have a follow-up system in place that makes sales for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

 2.  Strategically and Continuously Build Your Business

Other than being available via chat on your website 24/7, how can you “be there” for your website visitor? Well, new prospects can be signing up to your email list automatically, every day, without your help or involvement. This is a way to continuously build your business without a lot of repeated effort.

 3.  “Capture” Visitors

You’ve put a lot of time and (financial) resources into your website, and this will really be a waste if you don’t have any way to “connect” with your visitors.  You have to begin adding systems and the most important one is to capture visitors.

Most will come and go from your site (forever) without even leaving a mark. Why not at least attempt to stay in touch with them? It’s an easy system to implement with a simple opt in form that captures their name and email address so you can begin to building a relationship with them.

4.  Stay on the Forefront of Their Minds

Who was it that sang, “You were always on my mind…”? It came to mind as I was writing this. Why? Because most of your business connections will not be ready to buy from you right away. People use the internet to do research, compare prices, and get free information.

If you’ve got a system in place for capturing their name and email address, you can stay on their mind by using your email autoresponders to send out your messages. When they are ready to buy what you offer they’ll remember you and what you offer because you’ve kept in touch with them all along the way.

5.  Save Time

Very few small business owners have a lot of extra time. Most women today are dividing their time between being mom, grandma, daughter, wife, housekeeper, cook, volunteer, worker, and business owner. Having tools to help put anything on auto pilot is usually a very welcome addition to their lives.

So instead of having to share your message one (you) to one (one client at a time) repeatedly, your autoresponder and list will enable you to reach one (you) to many (your whole list).  Imagine not only saving time, but also leveraging your time into long-term profits.

6.  (Appear to) Be Super-Human

It’s not humanly possible to “personally” connect with all your visitors (prospects) and customers unless you are using an automated system. Your autoresponder system allows you to send out a message  that appears to be written specifically for that person. It’s a great way to build relationships (and the “know, like, and trust” factor) that are vital to building your business.  

7.  Increase Your Sales Too

But the goal isn’t to just be awesome (although this is also a great goal too!) and send out lots of free, personalized information. What you really want to do is increase sales and profits. Nothing else can help you deliver these results the way an email list can.

SUMMARY: You now have 7 good reasons to begin to capture names and stay in the forefront of your visitors minds so you can increase sales and save time. What are you thoughts? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear…’

aweber-stickersBy the way, I have been testing out list building and autoresponder service providers, and I have to say that Aweber leads the pack for a lot of reasons. Find out why here (and receive a 30 trial for only $1):

Disclaimer: The links mentioned in this post may lead to affiliate links and in such case, I will be compensated for recommending the product. However, I will never recommend anything that I don’t personally believe in.

The Secret to Getting More Visitors To Your Site Part 2

The secret to getting more visitors to your site part 2Search Engine Optimization

is a series of steps that you, the WordPress site owner, take to move your site up in the search results of the search engines. As I mentioned in Part 1, ideally you want to  increase your rankings so that your site shows up on the first page of the search engine results.

What Steps Can You Take To Optimize Your (New) WordPress Website?

1.  Keywords

Know the search phrases and words that your prospects type into the search engines to find the products and services that you offer. This is imperative — not an option.  If you missed the Free Keyword Research Tool and Tutorial from Part 1, you can GET IT HERE

Once you know them, use these words on your pages and in your content. There are entire books and  online courses about how to find and use keywords. A little research will pay off nicely.

2.  Good Content

Search engines look at the content on your website. They scan your content looking for keywords, keyword phrases and other relevant words and terms. Often people mistake the meaning of this and load their content with their keywords and phrases, even to the point of making their content nonsensical. But the search engines have very complicated algorithms to rate the quality of the content too. Search engines want to ensure that they are sending people to quality websites. not just those that are packed with the right keyword/keyword phrases.

3.  Linking

Another element that search engines look at are the links to and from your website. They look at incoming links – links from other websites and blogs and they look at internal links – linking within your own site (from one page to another within your site).

a. Incoming Links

Quality content helps create incoming links. Here’s what Google says about building incoming links to your site:

Create unique and compelling content on your site and the web in general

    • Make videos, do original research, and post interesting stuff on a regular basis. If you’re passionate about your site’s topic, there are lots of great avenues to engage more users.
    • Teach readers new things, uncover new news, be entertaining or insightful, show your expertise, interview different personalities in your industry and highlight their interesting side. Make your site worthwhile.
    • Participate thoughtfully in blogs and user reviews related to your topic of interest. Offer your knowledgeable perspective to the community.
    • Provide a useful product or service. If visitors to your site get value from what you provide, they’re more likely to link to you.Source:  Google | Webmaster Central Blog  You can click this link for more information

Social networking, guest blogging, and article marketing can all have a profound effect on the number of incoming links. Build relationships online to motivate people to link to your website.

b.  Internal Linking

Internal linking means that you have links from one page or article to another on your own site. Internal linking is perfect for situations where you have content that you want to draw attention to AND rank well in the search engines. Just create a link to it from other content or pages. For example, in my opening paragraph above you’ll see that Part 1 is a hyperlink to the first blog post in this series.

If you want have a sales page to a product or service and want it to rank really well in the search engines, then create a link to your sales page from your contact page, from your landing page, and any other pages that it makes sense to link to.

Keywords, Linking and Good Content are simple steps you can take to increase your ranking in the search engines. It’s not magic or difficult. Give them a try and come back to post your results here. We’d love to hear about your success.