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Geolocation and WordPress

What is Geolocation?

According to Wikipedia, Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a cell phone or an Internet-connected computer.  Geolocation is closely related to positioning but can be distinguished from it by a greater emphasis on determining a meaningful location (e.g. a street address) rather than just a set of geographic coordinates.

Who should use this technology?

iPhone cell-tower geolocation works in Delhi.If you are a brick and mortar business and want customers to show up at your door, then this is for you. The plugin will pinpoint and share your location with your viewers.

Using this technology on a WordPress site:

You’ll need reliable hosting — this is not the time to use sub-standard hosting.  Bluehost is, in my opinion, the best hosting out there, but Hostgator, and GoDaddy are great WordPress website hosting companies as well. They all have the capabilities needed for this higher end technology so can integrate geolocation, doing it simply and seamlessly.

Geolocation is the name of a plugin for WordPress that will display information about your location, automatically determining the physical address where you are at and then showing this information on your website.

Is there a downside to using Geolocation?

It can be both good and bad because it pinpoints exactly where you are updating your content from (including the coffee shop you are at down the street).

What do you think?

Is this technology a long overdue service, or just another invasive mechanism? Or somewhere in between? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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