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How to Make Your Posts and Pages Print-Friendly

Another simple and easy way to make your content even more user-friendly

Your WordPress site is a go-to place for your clients. You post great, instructional content and people come back time and again. They read your posts and follow along as best they can under the circumstances.

But it’s not easy to go back and forth between your site and theirs as they complete the steps. 

Now imagine them being able to print your content as a PDF and have your content at their fingertips in under 30 seconds!

How cool is that!

First a little history… There have always been plugins that allow the visitor to print your content. Add to any, Add This, and Share This type plugins come to mind. But they don’t allow for your document to be printed out as a super organized and branded PDF.

Print Friendly Button

Print Friendly (the name of the plugin) is a great little addition to your WordPress site if you want your content to be printable in a really nicely formatted style. (And with your domain name at the top and bottom of the printed document.)

It’s as simple as this:

Your visitor clicks on the Print Friendly button, a new window opens where they’ll see the following 3 options:

1.  Print (your blog post) as a PDF

2. Save to their computer as a PDF

3. Email it to someone as a PDF

They can also choose the font size (save paper), as well as choose to print with images intact or to remove the images in your post.

And that’s it — another simple and easy way to make your content even more user-friendly (and share-able).

To have this or any other plugins installed on your site, contact me today.

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