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Promote Your Business With Video Part 1

How to Use Video for Business Promotion

video marketing your businessNo doubt you’ve seen lots of business owners using video to market their business. You’ve probably already considered video marketing your business and I am here to say that it’s a fantastic idea!

The next step is to decide how to use videos to promote your business. Need some ideas?

  • Video Testimonials

Ask your customers or clients to give you a quick one-minute video with how you have helped them. Or you could video interview them.

  • Video Product Demonstration/Reviews/Education

How many of your potential sales are abandoned in the shopping cart. If you sell products, you probably already know that the biggest drawback to buying online is that the customer cannot see the product in motion. You can go a long way to eliminating their objections by demonstrating how your product works. Make the video, upload it to YouTube, and write a blog post (insert video).

  • Video Case Studies

If you’re business can show any type of before-and-after (website design, fitness, SEO, etc.), then this is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise. Customers and clients who can see the progress, success, and differences will more fully understand what impact your service or product can have on their business

  • Webinars and Videos

If you use webinars or other video presentations in your business, capture them via video and offer a replay. It’ll, not only generate leads — you could sell the video as a (or part of ) a product.

  • Video Commercials

Video commercials for your product or service can be very effective. Get creative and daring and try one.

  • Business Overview

People love to know who they are buying from. The online world can seem murky when you are just a shadow.  Let them know who you are, what you do/sell, and what you stand for by creating a business overview.

Creating video is not the only step to effective marketing. Your video has to responds to the wants and needs of your market. They are looking for solutions to problems and questions. Your job is to figure out what they are, then answer questions, provide the solutions, and lead them to the next step.

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