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The Savvy VA’s Complete Google Analytics Guide and Workbook

google-analytics course When people visit your website they leave a trail and having access to this information is incredibly valuable because the more you know about your audience, the better you can meet their needs.

At one time, getting your hands on this information was very expensive (and time consuming). It took a lot of work to have these tracking programs set up. And then you had to try to make sense of the data.

Now website analytics programs like Google Analytics for WordPress gather and compile the data automatically for you. They then give the data to you as understandable and useful reports that you can apply to your business.

Anyone who is interested in growing their business and getting traffic to their site needs to be able to read their website analytics.

And the best part is that Google Analytics is a free service that can provide a very high level of detailed information about your visitors. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective strategies you can use in your business.

What Google Analytics can tell you

    • Keywords  –  the words and phrases people use to search for to find your site
    • Search Engines  –  which search engines were used to find your site
    • Internet Browsers  –  which internet browser was used to view your site
    • Visitor Count  –  how many people visit your site per day, week, and year
    • Referring Sites  –  which other sites are sending you traffic
    • Popular Pages  –  what content visitors were viewing
    • Number of Visitors  –  number of people who visited each page
    • Time on Site  –  how much time people spent on your website
    • Entry Pages  – which pages people entered (landed on) your site on
    • Exit Pages  –  which pages people left your site from
    • Conversions  –  which pages resulted in sales or email sign ups
    • Demographics   –  what countries visitors live in
    • Time  –  What days and times are busiest on your site

Sounds great, right? The only problem is that if you’re not technically inclined at all. You’re afraid to even try to set up Google Analytics plugin on your site, never mind your Google Analytics.  The good news is that this is where my ebook comes in to provide the information you need in a clear, concise, and easy to follow format.

With all the incredibly valuable information that Google Analytics provides, you really can’t afford to neglect this very important tool. Learn all about Google Analytics and how to set it up to get the information you need to build your business.

What’s in this 23 page ebook?

  • An easy-to-follow plan with step by step instructions screenshots so you can see exactly what to do next
  • It shows you how to set up tracking (see what your visitors are doing)
  • It details your traffic sources (where your visitors are coming from)
  • It shows which pages your visitors are viewing when they come to your site
  • It shows which pages your visitors are leaving your site from
  • It determines which keywords your visitors are using in the search engines to find you
  • and more…

Click the “Add to Cart” button below and learn how to “read” your traffic and then create more of the content your readers are searching for just $17.00