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How to Easily Add an Image to Your WordPress Sidebar

Adding a Graphic to Your Sidebar Widget

Easily Add An Image to Your Sidebar Widget  We all know that images are extremely important little additions to your WordPress posts, pages and sidebar.  They create interest, allow the eyes to rest in big blocks of content, and generally create visual appeal.

And now with the extreme popularity of Pinterest, images have become even more important, and they are so easy to add to a page or post.

But if you’ve ever tried to figure out how to write the code to add an image to your sidebar, then you know how frustrating  scary this can be. It IS code after all!  And who knows, maybe you’ll take down the whole internet if you get it wrong. Right?

Well here’s a crazy simple way to do it that will leave you smiling all the way to your dashboard.

  1. Create a new post (do not publish)
  2. Change the editor from visual to HTML
  3. Upload a photo into the post
Now look at the code. You’ll notice that it starts with <a href=”http://.  This is the HTML code that will make your image visible in the sidebar.
  1. Copy the complete line of code. 
  2. Drag a text box widget to your sidebar
  3. Paste the code into the text box.
  4. Click “Save”

Now go to the front page of your WordPress site. You should now be able to see the image in your sidebar.

and?before you forget, delete the fake post you just wrote.