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How to Make Your Posts and Pages Print-Friendly

Another simple and easy way to make your content even more user-friendly

Your WordPress site is a go-to place for your clients. You post great, instructional content and people come back time and again. They read your posts and follow along as best they can under the circumstances.

But it’s not easy to go back and forth between your site and theirs as they complete the steps. 

Now imagine them being able to print your content as a PDF and have your content at their fingertips in under 30 seconds!

How cool is that!

First a little history… There have always been plugins that allow the visitor to print your content. Add to any, Add This, and Share This type plugins come to mind. But they don’t allow for your document to be printed out as a super organized and branded PDF.

Print Friendly Button

Print Friendly (the name of the plugin) is a great little addition to your WordPress site if you want your content to be printable in a really nicely formatted style. (And with your domain name at the top and bottom of the printed document.)

It’s as simple as this:

Your visitor clicks on the Print Friendly button, a new window opens where they’ll see the following 3 options:

1.  Print (your blog post) as a PDF

2. Save to their computer as a PDF

3. Email it to someone as a PDF

They can also choose the font size (save paper), as well as choose to print with images intact or to remove the images in your post.

And that’s it — another simple and easy way to make your content even more user-friendly (and share-able).

To have this or any other plugins installed on your site, contact me today.

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9 WordPress Essentials: Part 1

9 WordPress Essentials Part 11.  A Landing Page

Is usually associated with your main domain name.

It’s the first page your visitors will see (unless they have gotten to your site via a link to another page or post).  For example, on my site it would be the difference between and

Since it’s the main page of your site, it’s important to let your visitors know what you do or have to offer your wares and services. Introduce what you do, for who, why, and so on.

Here is an example of what not to do, from the real world:

I have walked past a store in my town many, many times. I would glance in the window and see Crocs (gardening shoes). I would think to myself, “Oh, it’s a Crocs store. Don’t need Crocs so I’ll just keep going”.

But yesterday when I walked past, I noticed some big containers of protein powder in the other window. This time I thought. “Huh?” Curious, I peered into the window past the display and realized that it’s a health food store.  I just happened to be in the market for some Stevia so I went in.  But had I not really looked through that window, I would never have gone into the store.

What happens when people come to your site? Do they know you are a health food store, or will they mistake you for a Crocs store? Can they tell at a glance what your site is about? Is there enough information to help them determine if you have what they want (need).  Be bold. This is your BUSINESS. If you were a brick and mortar store, would you hide all the goods behind a curtain? Of course not.

By the way, I would really like to report that once inside the store it all made sense, but it didn’t. The inside was as confusing as the window display. I found a guy to show me where the Stevia was; I paid; and left.

Has to have an objective.

What do you want visitors to do when they arrive at your landing page? Opt in to receive a free report? Click a link to go to a catalogue page?  Contact you? or something else?  This page has to support your objective.

2.  About Me Page

Tell your story.

This page is normally the second page that is viewed on any given site and should provide potential clients with information about you and your work. Think of this page as your answer to the “tell me about yourself” question in a job interview.

This is essential — after all, who wants to hire just anybody? People want to know who they are dealing with. It’s completely acceptable  and reasonable for your potential clients to do a little background research on you. Your about me page can make or break a business relationship.

Take it a step further than just publishing a resume or a list of accomplishments. Personalize the page and tell them why you are the best person to do business with.

 3.  Simple navigation

Creating an easy to understand navigation function for your site is vital.

This is the actual navigation bar for my site. It is positioned right under my header (banner) and contains all the links anyone needs to easily navigation around my site. Several of these links have drop down menus, for example, the WP Support link has several support packages listed one under the other. Clicking on any of them will take you to that particular page.

Website traffic always increases when the site navigation design is simple and straightforward. It also makes it more likely that you’ll have returning visitors because they’ll remember how easy it was to find your information.

At the very least, your navigation bar should be above the fold (which means that it is visible without scrolling).

Here is a another takeaway from the real world:

I received someone’s newsletter this morning and they are promoting a new product. One of the bonuses was an offer from another company to do a WordPress website review. Their sales copy was very compelling and I wanted to see who this hip new company was.

I got there and was unable to figure out who she was. There was no navigation at all other than 3 links in the sidebar, (that I believe most people would not know to click). There was no immediately visible means to contact this business either. Eventually I found the navigation at the bottom of the site after scrolling quite a way down the page. So overall it was not a good design.

The Studiopress templates have what are called breadcrumbs. If you look at the example in the image to the left, you’ll notice that across the top it says “You are here”  followed by Home / WP Support / WordPress By the Hour (10).

It is another way of making navigation that much simpler. If you were to click on WP Support, it would take you back to my general support packages, and then if you click on home, you’d be at my landing page. .

PS  Get your WordPress site assessed by this company.  Check this new service here: WORDPRESS SITE ANALYSIS

4.  Content is King Queen

Content is what drives traffic to your website.

People search online for information that will solve their problem, whether they need a service, a product, or a just a quick tip showing them how to do something.

Do you post enough content on your site so that you show up in (ideally their first page of) Google’s search results? Do you write blog posts? Do you create YouTube videos with solutions to the problems your potential market or niche have? Do you offer free reports? Cover all the bases. It will pay off over time.

PS  The words that people use to search online are important to know because their keywords have to match the keywords you use on your site.  To learn more about this, click here to get my free report: FREE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL


How to Choose a Good Web Domain Name

This is a guest post by Nicole Dean of

A question I am frequently asked is:

“How do you choose a good web domain name for a blog or project you’re working on? What factors do you take into consideration? What’s a deal-breaker for you?”

Here’s my answer.

My unbreakable rules for choosing a domain are:

  • No hyphens. Been there. Done that. Regret it to this day.
  • No numbers. Do I spell it out “five” or is it the number “5″?
  • Nothing difficult to spell. Although I once was really excited about using a domain with the word “catalyst” in it — I found that no one could spell the darned thing.
  • Domain must end in .com. I don’t bother with other endings.
  • Domain must NOT have any copyright names in it. I would not recommend using “Google”, “Disney”, or any other company name in your URL or prepare to be “ceased and desisted”.
  • If I’m looking to sell the site down the road, it must be generic enough. For instance, I wouldn’t buy “” to talk about my favorite football team if I planned to sell the site ever, because I’d have to find someone named Nicole – or who wanted to call themselves that — to buy it.
  • And my big, bad unbreakable rule.
  • It must pass the Oprah test.

What exactly is the Oprah test?

Well, I picture Oprah saying it out loud. “Today I have with me, Nicole Dean, author of Blah blah blah and owner of”. Is it memorable? Easy to spell?

It’s not just the Oprah test, though. It’s the Willie Crawford test, too. If I’m in an interview with Willie Crawford and he introduces me – I want people typing or writing down my URL easily – and remembering it long after the fact.

You can’t do that with

Why is this Important?

A difficult domain is actually wasted opportunity and wasted traffic slipping through your fingers. If you’re promoting via audio or video (in webinars, iTunes interviews, on BlogTalkRadio, live radio, TV, or even your own podcast) – you need a domain that is EASY to remember. It has to make it into the person’s ears and to his brain and stick.

Plus, honestly, it’s a credibility issue. Would you really buy something from I hope you wouldn’t even think of getting out your credit card for a site like that. SCARY. And would you feel comfortable referring it to your friends? Not a chance.

What impression is your domain giving of you?

How to Avoid the REALLY Bad “Oh My GOSH I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT” Web Domain Names?

I’ll also touch on avoiding really bad ones.

Oftentimes when you search for domains you read what you want to see. I recommend you type the domain in all capital letters and show it to a friend before buying. For instance, ending a word with “s” before the word “expert” can all of a sudden be misinterpreted.

So, I’ll give you the same advice as I give my friends who are expecting a baby. Run the name by your most juvenile, dirty-minded friends – before signing on the dotted line. You’d be amazed at how something totally innocent can go bad in a big hurry.

I hope this has been helpful. I look forward to seeing YOU on Oprah!

Nicole Dean is the FUN online business coach. If you’d like to see more tips about choosing a good domain name, check out this post: How to Choose the Right Web Domain Name [2]. Once you’ve got your website up, you’ll need lots of traffic. Be sure to check out Nicole’s free course: [3]

Why WordPress: The Top 9 Reasons

Make Your Business Building Efforts That Much Easier With a WordPress Website

How? Well first and foremost, WordPress sites are great looking, easy-to-navigate, and super optimized for the search engines. After that,

  • WordPress helps to build your business quickly and easily. With WordPress, you will start getting traffic immediately after clicking the “publish” button. Why? Because the search engines love WordPress. Click on ‘Publish’ and the search engine bots go into action. Your content will be crawled and available on the market shortly thereafter.
  • WordPress causes every post, new page, and any new content in general, alert the search engines that you’ve posted it. With them crawling your site regularly, you get higher page rankings, and therefore more traffic.
  • WordPress is a super simple time saver–easy to move around in and get stuff done quickly. It’s extremely user friendly. You don’t have to be a computer expert to use it. You can create content rather than mess around with your server settings. Most people find it pretty easy to work in after they’ve had a chance to play around in the dashboard.
  • WordPress is free, regardless of whether you are running a personal website or a business site, and saves you tons of money. And you get the same, no, even better exposure on the internet for a fraction of the cost of a website. All you need is a domain name and hosting.
  • WordPress is used by some of the largest companies in the world. If they trust this platform with their multi-million dollar businesses, surely you can.
  • WordPress content is delivered via an RSS feed, simply and easily.  As an example of all the great plugins, the Feedburner plugin is an aggregate for all RSS readers–no matter which reader someone is using, Feedburner can manage that reader.
  • WordPress is open source, meaning that there are people out there who are constantly tweaking its performance, features, and any vulnerabilities. You will always have the latest version available to you, and for free of course. Up-to-date software is secure and stable software.
  • WordPress is a very secure platform to build your site on. Any WordPress security issues are usually related to not updating to the newest versio of WordPress, or to using passwords that are easy to guess and therefore, not secure. If you keep your site up to date, there won’t be any issues with security.
  • WordPress allows you to create user accounts that have different levels of privileges, making it easy for those who need a site with multiple authors. Have you been looking for a platform for your group blogging aspirations?

Contact me today to get yourself online with a WordPress site. Click here to check out my WordPress packages