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Your Online Presence

Creating a very powerful online presence is THE most important step you can take in building your online business.

And the most important aspect of your online presence is not Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The hub of all your business and online activity is your website (or should be), and preferably WordPress.

If you have not invested in a site that you own outright, you are putting your business and lifestyle in jeopardy.

Taking this a step further, a brochure type of website is not going to cut it any longer. At one time, they were good enough, but no more. And when you think of all the competition you have online, you’ll see why a site that looks amateurish won’t work either.

You need a dynamic site and this means that you have to be able to make changes when you need to, (and that might be everyday).

Dynamic and changing sites are what attract interest and have people coming back. Is your site up to the standards of what shoppers and clients are expecting in 2011?

Are you getting the traffic you need to build your business and make enough money to support your lifestyle?

If not, you are probably making one or more of these very common and costly mistakes:

  • You’ve got a website that you’ve spent a lot of money on and you don’t get any significant traffic
  • This same site brings you no ranking or visibility in the search engines (Google)
  • You believed, or were lead to believe, that just having a site would bring traffic automatically
  • You aren’t using an autoresponder service to capture visitors’ information (name and e-mail addresses)
  • Your website is not easy for visitors to navigate, and most people just click away rather than explore it
  • Your website is not automatically connected to your social networking accounts
  • Your site doesn’t include a blog, so you aren’t getting the benefits of regularly updating your site
  • Basically, you can’t or don’t know how to use your website to your advantage

The good news is that with a WordPress self-hosted site you can have and do all of the above.

Start getting the traffic, exposure, and the sales you deserve for the hours you are currently putting into your business. Contact me via the form below, and let’s discuss a WordPress site for your business.

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