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WordPress Has Lots to Offer, but it Takes Time to Welcome all of its Intricacies

Caryn Kelly in a yoga pose

This is a guest post by Caryn Kelly.

When I started my blog,  I didn’t know much about WordPress. I had to inch my way along, learning this and that before I felt really comfortable.  Thanks to my VA, Kathleen Sullivan, I was able to design a blog that both inspired and captured the true essence of what yoga means to me.  And to bring that message to all yogis out there who eventually would trip over my site and hopefully stay for a while.

While I learned about what WordPress could do for me, I faltered a lot on my journey to make my blog the perfect place for women yogis to visit. Before I became totally immersed in WordPress, I didn’t know what a widget was and therefore was afraid to even learn—or to ask for that matter—because I was afraid to feel uninformed. I think I learned what a widget was quite by accident, and I had my first WordPress “ah ha” moment.

Once I learned what widgets were and what I could do with them, boy did I have fun! I started to add and delete affiliate ads to my sidebars as if there was no tomorrow. I could spend hours creating, moving and deleting ads that complimented my site to perfection, hoping for someone to come along, click away, and be moved to purchase a product or a book that I wholeheartedly endorsed.

Today I wanted to advertise my own handmade lavender eye pillows on my blog. I didn’t quite know how to go about customizing a widget so it was really time to learn. With every nerve I had, I Googled how to add an image to a sidebar and proceeded to capture a beautiful photo of my signature eye pillow, playing with sizes until it fit perfectly into the sidebar space that WordPress allows me with the theme that I chose. Then I played some more.

I needed a “buy now” button and a shopping cart, right? Some time ago I downloaded a plugin called WP PayPal Shopping Cart but never really used it. It was just sitting there unused, so today I resurrected it and learned how it operates. Let the fun begin again!

Learning something new and exciting in WordPress was never my forte, but I decided to finally tackle the inevitable. First I created a page to proudly display my product line, adding eye pillow images and buy now buttons and making mistakes as I went along. I persevered, and finally had a page that I was proud of.  Hopefully would-be buyers will feel the same and take a gander at my lovely
lavender creations.

All I have to wait for now is for emails to start flooding in with eye pillow orders! I’ll probably have to wait a while for that, but at least I got the ball rolling and I got the word out.

WordPress has a lot to offer, but it took me some time to welcome all of its intricacies. I admit that I sometimes let my blog go by the wayside due to a full-time job and other freelance writing assignments. Today, when I resurrected my blog and started featuring my eye pillows as a means to make extra income, I became enchanted with the process. I’m sure my ratings will go up a little with the addition of a new page and two new posts that I spent time mastering. I feel newly inspired and ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead so that I can continue to build a fully-functional e-commerce site.

WordPress isn’t just a blog software. It’s much, much more than that. All you need do is learn, believe and trust that what you’re doing is the best for your blog and turn it into whatever your heart desires.

Caryn Kelly has been a legal secretary for over 28 years, and a hatha yoga teacher for the past five years. She enjoys practicing yoga, freelance writing, hiking, cooking and reading. She was born and raised in New Jersey but now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband, Brian and her two cats, Tuxedo and Dusty. Visit her blog at


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