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YouTube Video Tip: How to Change the Thumbnail on Your Youtube Video

Got a scary looking thumbnail on your YouTube video? You can change it. Check out my video to see how.


  1. Hi Kathleen,

    We are looking for a way to choose a specific frame or use our own thumbnail on our Elimination Communication Potty Training Site at

    We’d like it to use our intro or a specific thumbnail because none of the 3 Youtube offers makes any sense. Do you have any solutions for this?


    • Hello, and thank for the question.

      I created this video some time ago and since then, Youtube has made many changes. I have no doubt that it’s possible to choose the frame you
      want to use, but I’m not sure how.

      I would post the question on the Youtube forum. I’m sure it’s been asked lots.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help


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