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More tips for Writing Powerful Headlines

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Shocking headlines

Learning about copywriting has been a  passion of mine since attending Lorrie Morgan Ferrero’s “She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp”. Here’s what I’ve found:

Write powerful headlines by asking yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What will your product help the customer/client with. In other words, what is the main BENEFIT (not feature!).
    You should be able to finish this sentence: My product helps the customer/client to… (start a biz, make way more money, or lose weight for example).
  2. How quickly can you help your customer/client accomplish their goal?
    Include the timeframe and any numbers to show the rate of completion.
  3. What results can the customer/client expect from reaching this goal?
    Include specifics, such as amount of money or number of pounds lost.
  4. Specify the number of tips, secrets, hints, or steps that you will give them to help in reaching their goal.
    For example:  Discover the 3 secrets to…  or Learn the 7 steps to…. or 6 special tips for….

Stay tuned for some more copywriting tips in upcoming blog posts.

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