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Protect the Content on your WordPress Site

Protect Your ContentHave you stumbled across a website (WordPress or otherwise) where you (shockingly) see the content that you sweated bullets over to write? I know I have, and I’ve had a few clients tell me that they’ve seen their content out there on other sites as well.

Most people are pretty honest and wouldn’t think of stealing your content, but unless you take measures to prevent someone from copying and then pasting your content onto their site, your site is free game for the dishonest of the world.

But there is a solution to prevent those who are brazen enough to copy and paste plagiarize your content.

There are two very simple little WordPress plugins called Blog Protector and WP-CopyProtect that:

  • disable right click on your site.
  • disable selection of text on your site

No more highlighting text, copying stealing and pasting from your site.

To install either of these plugins, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins –> Add New.  Then type Blog Protector or WP-Copyprotect into the search box. Install it and voila!  Just one more level of protection for your business.


PS If you install the WP-Copyprotect plugin, you can customize the message that people will see when they right click. That could be rather satisfying…


  1. Hi

    A great alternative to this plugin (and one that has great functionality in protecting your content in a myriad of ways), is :

    I personally use this plugin and would highly recommend it to anyone. While NO-ONE can guarantee 100% safety of your content, this plugin sure gets close. Still new to the field but certainly well worth it.

    • Hi Jess

      Thanks for your suggestion. I will definitely check it out. And it’s true… if someone really wants to get your content, they will, unfortunately.


  2. Although I just installed this plugin within the last 2 weeks, there is an issue with it not showing up in the list when you go to install it.

    Plugins do get weeded out quickly for a variety of reasons, for anything from not being regularly upgraded, to having hidden advertising in the plugin code.

    I have written to the developer to see what his comments are and will keep you posted.


  3. Hi, Kathleen!
    How are you dear? I hope all is well with you and yours. I’m creating a new website for my new business adventure into PLR content and I’m definitely going to use that plugin you mentioned. Thanks for the information. You always ROCK! Miss ya! 🙂
    Deb 🙂
    SEO Ghostwriter

    • Hi Deb!

      Thanks so much for your comment. It’s a great little plugin. I understand that your new site will be a PLR site, so this will
      be vitally important for you.

      Good luck launching that new biz!

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