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WordPress Site Analysis

Are you unsure whether your WordPress website measures up?

Have you wondered whether it’s up to today’s mobile standards? Is it easy to navigate? Is it intuitive?

If you are:

  • curious as to whether there is more to WordPress, but you’re not sure what
  • unsure whether your site shows your true brand face
  • not getting enough qualified traffic to make the money you want and deserve
  • wondering whether your visitors and clients find it easy to navigate your site and get the information they need

…then you’ll be interested in this

After 6 years of designing and setting up WordPress sites for my clients, I can offer you the answers you seek.

  • Let me look behind the scenes and do a thorough assessment of your site.
  • You’ll learn whether the front view that visitors see measures up to internet standards.
  • And then whether you have the most important features in the back end — things like plugins to keep your site secure and backed up in case anything should ever happen.
  • Plugins, widgets, social media connections, and SEO — you need them all.

How it works:

I will take a really good look at what you currently have, what you need to add, and what would be nice to have. I will than reply to you in writing with my honest feedback about what’s next and which steps to take to make your site even more powerful than it currently is.


Send a message using the form below. It goes directly to my personal email account and I will answer within 24 hours.  Get info about more support packages here:


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